Joining an ALSAR Unit

How do I find an ALSAR unit in my local area?

ALSAR has a number of units all around the country and this number is growing all the time. If there is not a SAR unit covering your part of the country then perhaps you might like to think about starting one!
For a list of existing units please look on member units page.

What qualifications do I need to join a unit?

None – All units provide full training programmes to enable you to become an operational member. However, if you have specialist skills such as medical, navigation etc then these will usually be welcomed by a prospective unit.

What if I already have useful qualifications?

Providing you have verifiable proof (certificates etc) then their units will usually be more than happy to accept and utilise your skills. This is, however, a matter for the unit involved and you should seek clarification directly from them.

How much time do I need to give up for SAR?

This differs from unit to unit but a good rule of thumb is that training sessions are held once a week. None of their units ask for 100% attendance but units will usually have a set level of attendance throughout the year (for example some units require 60% attendance at training). This excludes callouts themselves where units may have other attendance targets.

What equipment am I expected to provide?

This differs from unit to unit – Each ALSAR unit has a health and safety responsibility to provide you with safety equipment, clothing etc. However, you will be expected to provide the bulk of your own personal equipment (after all, a mechanic uses his own tools!!). Much of this equipment will be from outdoors clothing shops and generally will consist of walking boots, jacket, small rucsac & torch. This is a very basic list and all units will have a more comprehensive list available.