Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue

Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue

This is a volunteer group that is involved in lowland rescue. It is also a charitable organization hence relies majorly on donations from other people and organizations. This cash is not used to pay the people who work there but to get some specialized equipment for their searches and rescue. They do need the most up to date technology to help them find those vulnerable missing people. This is majorly their work. Their work is majorly done in Suffolk Constabulary but can also respond to call from some of the other neighboring countries around the area. This group is made up of 30 or more men all who are ready to help out where needed.

Their work.

Their work is generally based on the finding and rescuing of people both adults and children. It involves scouting the area where distress calls have been from and looking everywhere for these people. They have been of great help to other rescue teams that need them so as to do their job. They are usually on call 24 hours a day and always have an available team at handy to work. The people who work here are volunteers and do every task they need to do whole heartedly so as to help save people’s lives

Some of their work

They have been such a great team alongside some of the many others such as Mountain rescue. This can be seen in some of their tasks such as the search of Corrie a 23 year old man who got lost in the night. The team did all they could do to help find the guy and get him back to his family. Their dedication can be well seen in just how much work they put in and how many lengths they went so as to get the guy. This shows how the team is dedicated and ready to do all it can to get everyone in trouble or missing to safety.


rescue trainingThese people undergo training which ensures they are ready to handle and tackle any situation there is ahead of them. The training are there to ensure that every one of them is well versed with all that is needed for anybody in a search and rescue crew and how they respond to various injuries to the people they rescue. It is usually very important for these people to get the knowledge of how to handle various delicate situations when looking for missing persons and how to handle them when you get them. This is a very basic and important thing for every one of these people.

Conclusion. This is one of the greatest teams that helps keep the town safe. They have been up and about in very many search and rescues and have done their job very diligently. For many people, this is a heaven sent group of people who have solely given their time and energy to help keep people safe by looking for those who might not be. Their work can be evidenced by some of their good results in rescuing the victims in this situations.