Member Units

ALSAR membership is divided into 3 categories:

Full Members

Full Members – These are fully operational Search & Rescue teams that have been assessed by ALSAR and meet all the national standards and criteria for operations and team mangement under with  UKSAR.

Probationary Members

Probationary Members – These are teams that are working towards ALSAR full membership and are undergoing training to meet the ALSAR criteria. All probationary teams are assigned a mentor team to assist them in meeting the high standards that ALSAR requires. The transition from probationary to fully operational can be as short as 6 months or as long as 2 years.

Associate Members

Associate Members – These are organisations that have agreed to support the aims and ideals of ALSAR and whom they work closely with. Associate members attend the national ALSAR meetings but do not have voting right nor pay subscriptions and ALSAR enjoys reciprocal arrangements with associate member organisations.